Cryptic Crossword #59


1Overseer required because of handle turning (7)
5Bill is taken in by drug smuggler being inconstant (7)
9Tears material, tears material (9)
10Not blunt instrument - it has point on front (5)
11Figaro manufactures some scent (5)
12Grows wrinkled (9)
13Indulge artfully in dodging (7)
15It's not the editor in chief that looked threatening (7)
17Hardy's first note about novel heroine: she's entertaining (7)
19Correspondence from landlords (7)
21Plenty supporting nuclear process (9)
23Influenced by sound material (5)
25Crowd scene actor appearing in special edition (5)
26Flying squirrel making Prince Henry rage (9)
27Most distressing point about dead saint (7)
28Bore stopped outside ancient city (7)

1To leaf I turn, becoming leafy (7)
2One side of the page a clergyman does not finish (5)
3Food product of the sea - including fish (9)
4Love on night shift (7)
5Evita, for example, making false claim about American (7)
6A sample makes sense (5)
7Eighteen rounds initially served in golf-club bar (9)
8Former spouse was a model, it's revealed (7)
14Not seen as immaculate (9)
16Resist having platform (9)
17She's lap dancing - that's unfortunate (7)
18Small item showing what poodle parlor may do (7)
19A king involved in the French connection (7)
20Deviated before getting cast out (7)
22University's wise custom (5)
24Composer employed in hotel garage (5)

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