Cryptic Crossword #60


1Diabolical cast in a play (7)
5One eating little head of lettuce held by cook in hot water (7)
9Aquatic plant providing a variety of materials (5,4)
10Carrying on thus, for some reason I create a sort of boom (5)
11One who takes after beggarman (5)
12Able to contend, not being disheartened (9)
13Noble start to resistance in French resistance movement (7)
15They teach large groups of swimmers (7)
17Object for trial (7)
19Refuse to reveal how old clothes are (7)
21Form of address valued for the auditor taken unawares (9)
23Argue about something boring (5)
25Record left by teacher in Siam (5)
26Page with scope for truism (9)
27Mount seen the day before the others (7)
28Thrash Elia a second time (7)

1A sign Tommy's upset about patrol leader (7)
2Bones sailors found on island (5)
3Instrument making snout feel odd (4,5)
4Risks making Chinese detective dry up (7)
5Sausages from a Greek island (7)
6Publication for children (5)
7Curiously, Maine's not an American state (9)
8Eric, having set off, repeats something memorized (7)
14Reading or writhing in river (3,6)
16Flora collected metal she owns (9)
17Father's wise migration (7)
18Drunkard turns to observe drunkard (7)
19Duck turning up initially looking like a Walt Disney animated goose (7)
20Art deserving a pledge? (7)
22April keeps providing material for a poet (5)
24A couple upset after end of big cheese (5)

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