Cryptic Crossword #62


1Magician's handy craft of little importance for the auditor (7)
5Goes up when five score goals (7)
9Prevent ruler from going ashore (9)
10Scandinavian boatmen or sea-faring characters (5)
11It may be used in candy or brought back in taxi (5)
12Don't obstruct slippery eel packer (4,5)
13Call on telephone about lock (7)
15Article proscribes old Greeks (7)
17Stocks for bears (7)
19Beethoven's first love - sculptor or composer (7)
21Ballet producer - he'd a vigil choreographed (9)
23I grumble about supermodel Campbell (5)
25Lion's leader publicizes dens (5)
26Explorer taking stuff back and beginning to observe game (5,4)
27Some engines stop working with less maintenance (7)
28One American tree growing wild that's very plain (7)

1Exotic cider as cocktail (7)
2Coal remaining at the end of a month (5)
3Soldier embracing a bawdy Italian patriot (9)
4Stupid alien filmed in undergrowth (7)
5Increase a nutmeg's nuttiness? (7)
6One with no trust in decency, niceness, etc. (5)
7She's providing us with a minder (9)
8Fish found in the mountains (7)
14Account for musical river having flowed uphill (9)
16Wrong, or sure one is wrong (9)
17Pampered, after Molly cooked eggs (7)
18Sarah has friends from France on a Greek island (7)
19German state in which Brian almost entertains a girl (7)
20So disgusting no-one takes part? (7)
22Rapidity with which heat's dissipated (5)
24Gas makes one put on weight (5)

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