Cryptic Crossword #63


1He composed song where Grieg composed (6,8)
10An actor with a minor role may be superior (5)
11Endless greeting after wine and cheese (4-5)
12An Asian making money carrying a letter from Greece (7)
13We blame knitter for small woolly jumper (3-4)
14Poles suffer internally - they're hard (5)
16I'm to intercede without delay (9)
19Glasses for ships (9)
20Haley's book provides moral support (5)
22Name of girl training otter in Los Angeles (7)
25Seek trail (2,5)
27Disgusting attack (9)
28Instrument on top of tree or shrub (5)
29Unfinished bit of geometry - trigonal problem - way out west (3,6,5)

2His stable is unstable, it's found (9)
3Severely criticize cook (5)
4Dear spouse that was thoughtful (9)
5Weird eastern lake (5)
6English poet holding us responsible for hold-up? (9)
7Fred's wife was in Luanda meeting Angola's leaders (5)
8Famous for being incompetent? (7)
9Buster, in silent movies, is to take a tongue-tied part (6)
15A contractor builds or he rents (9)
17Arranger of mere songs put in the shade (4,5)
18With greater reason for a riot I riot (1,8)
19"Betrayal" is a theatrical success (7)
21Recoil from a psychiatrist (6)
23A weapon as plunder (5)
24Getting old drink in silver container (5)
26A prison in motion (5)

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