Cryptic Crossword #64


1Proposal for nurse (6)
5Publish and be exhausted (4,3)
10Minor work taking half a month - an endless epistle (9)
11Keep back a missing ingredient for gunpowder (5)
12Loathing for leader leaving platform (5)
13Drink is flowing, by the sound of it, where Magna Carta was signed (9)
14Topics I am prepared to make congenial (9)
17Girl leaving in the morning from America (5)
18Material featured in "Sudden Impact" (5)
20Famous Quaker drops last Quaker correspondent (9)
22Looking about (9)
24A military cap has turned up satisfactorily (5)
26Yogi Bear's first rare animation? (5)
27Expelled for being extrovert? (6,3)
28Corrected and finished after mid- December (7)
29Instruments from India's capital, grabbed by leading players (6)

2Last words from some hidden voices (5)
3Between two girls, left in a quandary (7)
4Part turning two ways (5)
5Where one may play an instrument as a novice (9)
6Painting a beard (7)
7He's on diet - ordering in addition to the main course (2,3,4)
8Game, set or match entered (5-4,5)
9Small turnout for sociable dinner (14)
15People going to Silver Lake to find animal collection (9)
16Halfback holding picture made an impression? (9)
19She's a legend, but she's no leg- end (7)
21Particular esteem (7)
23Article missing from European's sources (5)
25Love affair for one like Othello, we hear (5)

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