Cryptic Crossword #65


1A little angel is somewhat sylph- like (6)
5Mince meat quickly? (4-4)
9For an inventor a little education is no setback (6)
10Deny game is fixed for cup-bearer (8)
11Democratic leader's the greatest artist (4)
12Sheep start gambolling in this district (5,5)
13Big Apple section in Mahler composition (6)
15One at home in Madrid - and Paris, oddly enough (8)
17He croons, breaking glass (8)
20Mother knocked over a Scandinavian - she's a crazy woman (6)
22Aged savant consolidated gains (10)
24Put out the flags in Pennsylvania before victory in Europe? (4)
25One in wind hearing sound? Definitely not! (8)
26Mean item produced abroad? (6)
27Hidden types of wine, French and imported (8)
28Revolutionary Greek islander is caught (6)

2State currently popular with goddess (7)
3Dixie, perhaps, greeting Japanese food (5)
4The Lilliputians' citizen army? (9)
5Young birds or seals may be heard (7)
6Lightweight cat (5)
7Bell tower providing temporary accommodation by a river (9)
8Senior citizen losing 500 toddlers at sea (7)
14Keep an eye on a new teak floor (4,5)
16Acknowledging access (9)
18Doctor upset by a German pain- killer (7)
19Communist air force is entertained - entertained splendidly (7)
21Unfavourable publicity given to metrical composition (7)
23Dance with Oliver (5)
24Drink from fractured pipes (5)

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