Cryptic Crossword #66


8Outside a prison, prisoner is unassailable (4-4)
9Verdi opera set in hotel lobby (6)
10A composer in rubber gloves (4)
11Avocations at sea in a maritime province (4,6)
12Poetess has pop flop (6)
14Fee paid to lawyer or servant (8)
15Schoolchildren made to come back on Saturday make mistakes (4-3)
17About fifty-one complaints - they're thought to be true (7)
20Dutch painter and minor sculptor (8)
22Dismiss a road report that's false (6)
23Hurry to record a CD? (4,6)
24Proceed with amorous advance (4)
25Divine messenger or some other messenger (6)
26Regular flow at close of day (8)

1To spread more canvas causes trouble (4,4)
2Revolutionary guns for men only (4)
3A foreigner in Latin America, one of the Beatles goes to the centre of Uruguay (6)
4Dishonesty perpetrated by crooked raven in Kentucky (7)
5Tie net so around a piece of meat (8)
6Between C and F in written testimony? (10)
7Watergate clue is cryptic (6)
13Fanciful plans conveyed much (4,6)
16Flower portrayed in writing over the border (8)
18If going north, live in a warm spot (8)
19Faultfinder finds alternative to bell (7)
21Wild ass turning orange (6)
22General occupying specific U.S. territory (6)
24Ruth is constant and outwardly thrifty (4)

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