Cryptic Crossword #67


8Rain in ruin? (8)
9Horseman capturing a freebooter (6)
10Where the Taj Mahal is depicted in diagrams (4)
11A settlement in Oregon but a city in Louisiana (5,5)
12Vehicle obtained without vehicle being obtained (2-4)
14He takes newlyweds to see Scottish islands (8)
15Effective narration (7)
17Popular leader and Irish-American legendary hero (7)
20Duck and hare cooked for prince (8)
22Islander in a sort of trance (6)
23Slangy writer in Kansas encounters delays (3-7)
24The shape of a slice of beef or mutton (4)
25Law-breaking on a peninsula (6)
26One's strong point: having clothes that don't fit (4,4)

1Unknown, amidst obscurity, with nought but a flower (8)
2An old South American in Central America (4)
3Religious teacher with time for a timid person (6)
4Spotted by a large number - church interior (7)
5Ski resort where King George meets eastern aristocrat (8)
6A matter of little importance for underage children (5,5)
7Concert length (6)
13Identical, nevertheless (3,3,4)
16Marine at sea with a lunatic? (8)
18Find aura unusually bold (8)
19Indonesian island embracing English language (7)
21Rivers, initially with topless divers, cease to flow (3,3)
22Fixing copper band (6)
24Don't eat quickly (4)

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