Cryptic Crossword #68


1Oz character cast in many a part (6)
4Composer crossing street to see lexicographer (7)
9Not so valuable when split - not valuable at all when joined (9)
10Unexpected defeat for those in the ascendant? (5)
11Certainly a constant animal (5)
12Bag that will not detain judge (9)
13Aroused former spouse gets mentioned (7)
15Dish provided by witches entertaining a soldier (6)
17Received hot stuff - crossed swords (6)
19One from Flanders crossed himself (7)
22Self-employed person at liberty to make cuts (9)
24Beat a biblical epic endlessly? (5)
26Lincoln on backstreet assists in crime (5)
27Elope then produce ring (9)
28Stopped work and went to bed (7)
29Trees like swans (6)

1Line giving power to shift (7)
2Opera by Bellini set in Milan or Mantua (5)
3In a high place he is irreligious (9)
4Was scornful expression spiteful? (7)
5Steep bank that's familiar to poker players (5)
6Conductor to study in Italy's capital (9)
7Was a traitor turning over a seaman to Senator Kennedy? (6)
8See bad moves at the bottom of the ocean (6)
14150 on a mountain? Most ingenious! (9)
16Animals such as gorillas eat fruit outside (5,4)
18Meant not to be in action (7)
19Cook swallows fish without coercion (6)
20He produces ale for Israelites (7)
21A firm beginning to get moderately good business (6)
23Surgical tool for first of surgeons in Los Angeles hospital drama (5)
25European flower - a little tender honeysuckle (5)

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