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Challenging and addictive games and puzzles for you to play online in your web browser. Try out these classic board games to play against the computer, or beat your best score in a timed action game!

Bap! Breakout Game Break those blocks in this Breakout style ball and bricks game!
Bridges Line Game Can you beat the computer in this fun online strategy game of lines?
Checkers Play checkers (or draughts) online in this free game against the computer.
Chinese Checkers Play chinese checkers online in this beautiful internet version - for up to 6 players.
Fiver Boardgame Can you switch the colors of all the pieces on the game board?
Gotcha Online Game Are you quick enough to capture the blue ball?
Hare and Hounds A classic 19th century French board game, also known as The Military Game.
The Impressionist - Paint Pictures Online Choose a photo or painting to paint with impressionist-style brush strokes
PanneRotto An addictive online java game involving logic and spacial reasoning.
Peg Solitaire Classic puzzle game - with variations, plus Reverse and Autosolve options.
Rocks Game Roll those rocks! A fun online game of dropping balls through gates.
Anagrams Simple but challenging anagram puzzles of scrambled words.
Sliding Block Puzzle Slide the tiles to reveal the scrambled picture.
Online Spirograph A free internet version of the classic pattern-making toy.
TacTix Strategy Game Created by the games inventor Piet Hein, this is a variation of the classic game Nim.
Tower of Hanoi A free online java version of the classic disc-moving solitaire puzzle.
Treasure Text Adventure Game An online text adventure game in up to 4 dimensions.
Triplets Game Get three-in-a-row to beat the computer.
Turnablock A block rotation game invented by mathematician and games expert John Conway.

More online games may be found at Hotshot Games

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