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The Internet's most entertaining puzzles are here:

Sudoku, riddles, anagrams, doublets, picture puzzles, chess problems, trivia, math puzzles, logic puzzles ... and more!

Happy puzzling!


Word Puzzles
Rhyme Time Word Puzzles Find rhyming words to solve the clues.
Hidden Countries Word Puzzles Find the names concealed in the text.
Doublets Word Puzzles Word transformation puzzles.
Anagrams Intriguing letter legerdemain.
Literary Trivia Quizzical questions for lovers of literature.
Wotsit Word Puzzles Guess the word or phrase that's depicted.

Traditional Riddles
Forty Traditional Riddles Old-fashioned riddles spanning several centuries.
The Tree Riddle It'll drive you nuts!

Picture Puzzles
Click & Drag Picture Puzzles Drag and drop each puzzle piece in its correct position.
Slider Puzzles Slide the tiles to reassemble the scrambled picture.

Math, Logic & Chess Puzzles
Bubble Math Puzzle Make each line of bubbles add up to the magic sum.
Crossfigure Math Puzzles They're not crosswords but crossfigures.
Sudoku Puzzles They're all the rage - do you Sudoku?
Puzzles by Sam Loyd Classic puzzles from America's greatest puzzle expert ...
Puzzles by H. E. Dudeney ... and more classics from England's greatest puzzle expert
Puzzles by Lewis Carroll Classic puzzles from the author of Alice in Wonderland
Chess Puzzles Classic puzzles by the great composers
Bozzles Logic Puzzles Puzzles that Charles Dickens might have written

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