Bozzle #2 : Snakes and Escalators

On a recent visit to the home of Mr and Mrs Crummles, I observed the Infant Phenomenon playing a solo dice game which she had invented and to which she had given the name Snakes and Escalators.

On each turn she threw a pair of normal dice. But whereas the normal procedure is to calculate the score by taking the sum of the numbers that turn up, in this game the score is the multiple of the two numbers. Thus, throwing a 3 and a 2, or a 6 and a 1, would give a score of 6; a double 5 would give a score of 25; and so on.

She did explain to me the other rules of the game, but I am afraid they exceeded my comprehension. I do, however, recall that the score for her second throw happened to be 5 more than her score for the first throw; her third score was 6 less than her second; her fourth score was 11 more than her third; and her fifth score was 8 less than her fourth.

Can you tell me what the Infant Phenomenon's score was for each of these five throws?


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