Bozzle #3 : The Observer and The Times

Young Clutterbuck, the junior clerk, often found himself with time on his hands. On such occasions, he would resort to a certain window pane where a circular patch of clear glass showed where the circumambient grime had been purposefully removed. Thence, through the swirling yellowish fog, he could see the clock above the gate of the Workhouse which stood across the way.

As he was thus engaged one afternoon, he observed that the hour hand was exactly on a minute mark, and that the minute hand was six minutes ahead of it. Later that afternoon, as he again stole from his desk to observe the Workhouse clock, he perceived that the hour hand was exactly on another minute mark, and now the minute hand was seven minutes ahead of it.

How much time had elapsed between Young Clutterbuck's first and second observations?


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