Chess News and Publications

Online chess journals and other sites providing all the latest chess news and information.

The Chess Cafe
Weekly Book Reviews, The Bulletin Board, Endgame Studies, the Skittles Room, What's New, Classified Advertising, and don't miss the columns by internationally renowned journalists, Tim Harding's "The Kibitzer" and Dutch GM Hans Ree's "Dutch Treat".
Chess Informant
One of the leading publishers of chess books in the world.
Chess Mail
The Correspondence and Internet Chess magazine from Ireland, edited by Tim Harding.
Chess News
Weekly news column covering events on the international chess scene as well as US Chess Federation news.
Conn Chess Magazine
News site, conducted by Rob Roy.
Lost Boys Chess Page
Chess news and tournament coverage from Lost Boys Interactive.
New in Chess Magazine
The magazine counts almost all the world's leading players, such as Kasparov, Karpov, Kamsky, Anand, Kramnik, Kortchnoi and many others among its regular contributors.
News, articles, games and more - in Swedish.
Tasc Chess Calendar
Worldwide tournament calendar.

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