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Correspondence Chess

Your guide to the best web sites for correspondence chess (postal and e-mail).

American Postal Chess Tournaments (APCT)
American Postal Chess Tournaments has been serving correspondence chess players since 1967. They offer a variety of postal and e-mail tournaments suitable for every level of chess proficiency.
British Federation for Correspondence Chess (BFCC)
As well as tournaments, the Federation also organises a British Postal Chess Team Championship. There is also an annual best game prize for the best correspondence played in either one of the Federation's championships or played by a member of an affiliated organization.
The Campbell Report
J Franklin Campbell's web site dedicated to correspondence chess, providing a selection of his previously published articles and APCT News Bulletin columns from the last few years, and lots of features planned to be added.
Canadian Correspondence Chess Association
CCCA Information, including recent results, news of upcoming tournaments, games, and articles from the CCCA magazine CHECK!
Chess Mail
Correspondence and Internet chess magazine from Ireland.
Correspondence Chess League of Australia
Australia's largest chess club.
The Correspondence Chess Place, by John Knudsen
Site dedicated to the promotion of correspondence chess, with games, reviews, books, articles, and more.
Fernschach International
"The most popular correspondence chess magazine all over the world". English or German version available.
The International Correspondence Chess Federation (ICCF)
The worldwide organization for correspondence chess.
kNights Of the Square Table (NOST)
NOST is a correspondence (email / postal) game club that since 1960 has offered its members the opportunity of playing correspondence chess and other games with congenial people all over the world. The official magazine, NOST-ALGIA contains articles on Chess, Problems, Chess Variants, Non-Chess Games, Ratings, Results, and much more.
Ralph Marconi's Chess Page
A new site by Ralph Marconi, who has been involved with correspondence chess for almost 25 years. This site is still under construction, but worth keeping an eye on.

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