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Cryptic Crosswords

Australian Crosswords
On this site maintained by David Stickley you can find one of his entertaining puzzles - an Alphanumeric Jigsaw - plus details of the Australian Crossword Club, and a guide to software and reference books for setters and solvers.
The Bookseller Crossword
A monthly prize cryptic crossword related to books and the book trade.
The Chambers Online Crossword
A challenging monthly cryptic - occasionally with a prize.
The Crossword Club
Since its formation in 1978 The Crossword Club has been providing members with some of the best - and most challenging - cryptic crosswords anywhere, composed by some of the world's most accomplished setters.
Cryptic Crossword Tutorial
This tutorial explains all the basic types of wordplay you can expect to encounter in a cryptic crossword, with many examples provided.
Electronic Herald Crossword
A daily cryptic crossword puzzle from Scotland.
Free Crosswords Online
Printable cryptic crosswords by Alberich, a professional compiler, plus a showcase of puzzles by new compilers. There's also a substantial section offering useful advice and information for would-be professional compilers
The Guardian Crossword
The daily Guardian crossword, regarded as one of the best newspaper crosswords in the U.K. is available online, in Java or printable format for solving online or offline. There is an archive of crossword puzzles published since 31 May 1999. The site also provides Quick and Quiptic Crosswords. Subscription service.
Hexagonal Crossword Puzzle by Ian Tresman
Irish Times Crossword
The link is to the contents page as the crossword URL varies day by day. To find the crossword, follow the links via Today's Paper and Crossword (Crosaire).
Peter's Cryptic Crossword Corner
Peter Biddlecombe, cryptic crossword enthusiast and veteran of the Times Crossword Championship, provides a page of information and a few puzzles to try.
Phil Rose's Crossword Pages
Copies of the most recent competitions from the Usenet newsgroup rec.puzzles.crosswords together with the results of the previous ones. Plus a searchable list of all the words used in the competitions to date.
Poins' Crosswords
On the Crosswords page you will find a collection of cryptic puzzles all free for you to print off and enjoy at your leisure. A new crossword appears each week.
Sydney Morning Herald
Cryptic and quick crosswords.
The Times Crosswords
Become a member of the crossword club for access to printable and interactive puzzles from the Times and Sunday Times newspapers in London.

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