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Cryptarithms and Alphametics

Alphametic Puzzles
A good selection of original puzzles, computer-generated by Truman Collins.
Alphametic Puzzle Solver
A web-based alphametic puzzle solver by Truman Collins. This will only solve addition puzzles, although any number of summands may be used.
Cryptarithmetic Puzzle Solver
Another online puzzle solver - by Naoyuki Tamura at Kobe University in Japan.
Cryptarithms Online
A large collection of cryptarithms, including cryptarithms from the journal Sphinx.
"Cut the Knot!" Cryptarithms
A collection of cryptarithms, by Alexander Bogomolny, for you to solve online.
The official WWW ALPH.A.METIC Page
A superb resource maintained by a true enthusiast, Mike Keith. Section headings include: Traditional Alphametics, The Doubly-True Genre, New Literary Frontiers, "Found" Alphametics, Chessametics, Alphametic Word Squares, Order-N Alphametics, Recent (circa 1998) compositions by Mike K.
The following quote will give you an idea of the scope and depth of this page: "In 1998 I conducted an exhaustive search of the 1,642,992,467 doubly-true alphametics with sum words TWO through ONEHUNDRED, and found that there are exactly 47764 with a unique solution. Here are some ... examples".

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