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Fractal Music

Don Archer's Digital Art
Fractal music sequenced by Don Archer - as well as image galleries, and U-draw which lets you create your own fractals.
Fantastic Fractals
This site, designed primarily for students, has a fractal music section (as well as massive galleries of fractals, a fully interactive course on fractals, a fully functional fractal generation program, downloads, etc.)
Fractal Fusion
Great fractal music by Brian E. Jones, as well as several galleries of images.
Fractals, Chaos, and Music
An academic paper covering some of the research that has been done on relations between fractals and music. A few computer programs which can be used to generate fractal music - The Well-Tempered Fractal and MusiNum - are discussed, and also possible practical uses for software which can be used to hear patterns in fractals.
Fractal Music by David Spondike
George Jetson Meets The Big Bang (a sonic sculpture) and Hear The Mandelbrot Set (Dave's sonic maps). Plus S-COM files and good Fractal Links.
The Fractal Music Lab
Dedicated to the sharing of tools and information for exploring and advancing the musical use of fractals. This site contains numerous examples of fractal music, downloadable software you can use to compose original fractal music, and some information and activities designed to help you better understand fractals.
The Fractal Music Project
A useful source of information and links. Fractal music enthusiasts are encouraged to publish their works here. Links to physics, mathematics, algorithms and artificial intelligence, and further ideas concerning these pages are also welcomed.
Fractal Vibes
Fractal-Vibes is an exploration into audio-visual experiences with fractals and chaos theory. See and hear what can be done with fractals in Music and Art; find out more about fractals; learn about the software used to create fractal art and music; Follow the links to other fascinating sites; submit your random parameters and hear what they "sound like" as fractal / algorithmic music; hear about an upcoming CD featuring 10 fractal composers from around the world.
Gary Lee Nelson
Papers by a pioneer in the field of computer music.
MusiNum - The Music in the Numbers
MusiNum is a free program which turns numbers into generative fractal music. Everybody can create unique royalty free music within minutes. Interesting for mathematicians and other people who like to play. Fractal concepts, self-similarity and a new kind of symmetry are audible now!
Organised Chaos
Phil Thompson's "gothic sci-fi fractal extravaganza". A spectacular multimedia site with some tremendous sounds.
Phil's Fractal Pages
A gallery of fractal images by produced by Phil Jackson, using software he wrote himself, together with a good selection of fractal music generated using MusiNum, Art Song and David Singer's FMusic.
Check out the Make-a-Midi section. Based on parameters you enter, Phil will create a short midi file for you and post it in the Make-A-Midi Gallery within a few days, along with your name and date received.
Also worth a visit is The Music of Phil Jackson on the MidiWorld site.
The Sound of Chaos
Discovery Online Channel report on the world of Fractal Music
Strange Music Archives
A fascinating site maintained by Yo Kubota, who provides a freeware Mandelbrot Music Program, plus two suites of fractal music, including some with various ethnic influences - Gamelan, Indian, Arabian, etc. Wonderful background information as well.
The Well-tempered Fractal
A composer's tool for the derivation of musical motifs, phrases and rhythms from the beauty and symmetry of fractals, chaotic attractors and other mathematical functions. Windows shareware by Robert Greenhouse.

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