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Fractals and Fractal Art

AllisonArt's Cyberhome
Great images by Linda Allison.
Amazing Seattle Fractals!
Doug Harrington's site has an online, step by step fractal tutorial, complete with screenshots to help people create their own fractal art. It also features fractal art galleries,fractal animations,free fractal software and a free fractal screensaver (rated by ZD Net as an Editor's Pick 5 Star Download). Doug's fractal art has been featured at M.O.C.A.(Museum of Computer Art) and has won several other site awards.
Art Matrix Fractals
A company producing fractal posters, postcards, slides, videos, etc.
Don Archer's Fractal Art and Music
An impressive site with many pages of interesting fractal images.
Earl's Computer Art Gallery
Fascinating images created by Earl Hinrichs using his own software.
Fractal eXtreme
Useful pages giving an introduction to fractal theory, and a gallery of images produced by the software.
Fractal Gallery by Ken Keller
Many stunning images, categorized as: Lucid Forms (fractals that are recognizable as everyday objects), Traditional Forms (fractals that do not greatly deviate from Magnification 1, or contain commonly found features within typical fractal formulas), Abstract Forms (fractals that seek to convey atmospheres, emotions and ideas). All images displayed may be purchased as prints.
The images in these galleries are snapshots from one artist's vision of a place he calls Fractal Land.
Fractal Page of Paul N. Lee
As well as a gallery of Paul's own images and a links list, this site host's Jim Muth's Fractal of the Day.
Fractals Galore
A gallery of images generated with Fractint by The Fractal Lady - there are some beautiful images here.
Fractal Vibes
Fractal-Vibes is an exploration into audio-visual experiences with fractals and chaos theory. See and hear what can be done with fractals in Music and Art; find out more about fractals; learn about the software used to create fractal art and music; Follow the links to other fascinating sites; submit your random parameters and hear what they "sound like" as fractal / algorithmic music; hear about an upcoming CD featuring 10 fractal composers from around the world.
Fractint Homepage
A marvellous collection of resources for users of this popular fractal software.
Hidden Dimension Galleries
Graphics and design tools to download, and links to interesting sites. All images, programs and applets created by Ron Barnett.
Just Another Fractal Generator
Generate your own color IFS fractals quickly and easily online. Requires Java-enabled browser.
Mind-Boggling Fractals
Here you will find eight fractal galleries with many fractal images that you can download, five animated fractals, tutorials about fractals and information about the fractal generating program that has become known world-wide simply as "MBF."
MOCA - Museum of Computer Art
Exhibits include fractal art by Sylvie Gallet, Lee Skinner, Caren Park and Don Lebow, together with commentary and biographical notes on the artists.
Pascal LeClerq's "Attractors & Co" Gallery
A gallery of images produced with Pascal's Attractors & Co software.
Phil's Fractal Pages
A gallery of fractal images by produced by Phil Jackson, using software he wrote himself, together with a good selection of fractal music.
The Spanky Fractal Database
A collection of fractals and fractal related material for free distribution on the net.
Sprott's Fractal Gallery
An awesome archive of fractal images produced by various means, plus a Fractal Image of the Day.
Sylvie Gallet's Fractal Gallery
Images created with Fractint and Fractal Elite, with downloadable parameters and formulas, plus a section demonstrating how anti-aliasing can improve the quality of an image.
Welcome To My Fractal World
An enjoyable selection of images by Judith Aynsley (Fractaljudy), plus images by guest artists.

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