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Online Help for Puzzle Solvers

When you're stuck with a puzzle, these sites will help you find the answers.

Alphametic Puzzle Solver
A web-based alphametic puzzle solver by Truman Collins. This will only solve addition puzzles, although any number of summands may be used.
Anagram Genius Server
Anagram solver - using Anagram Genius software. Enter the name, word or phrase for which you want an anagram, and the results will be sent to you be e-mail.
Andy's Anagram Solver
A very useful tool for solving anagram puzzles. Simply enter the letters and it immediately generates a list of words or phrases using those letters. With options for French and Dutch, as well as English.
Cambridge Dictionaries Online
Look up words in the Cambridge International Dictionary of English, Cambridge Dictionary of American English, Cambridge International Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs or Cambridge International Dictionary of Idioms.
Dictionary Search
Online help for those awkward crossword clues. Type in the letters you have, with wildcards indicating the missing letters (e.g. ?b?l?n?) and see the possible solutions.
Internet Movie Database
A wonderful site crammed with information about films and TV series. It has an excellent search facility, and it's a great site if you just want to browse.
Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary and Thesaurus
An excellent up-to-date standard dictionary and thesaurus that you can search online for all those puzzle answers.
One Across
One Across provides an excellent online crossword clue search. The system accepts crossword clues and answer patterns, e.g. (Serpent [?a?t?????k?]) and quickly returns a scored list of suggestions ("gartersnake", "rattlesnake"). It can help on ambiguous clues (Greenish blue [????]: "teal", "aqua", "cyan", "nile") as well as highly specific ones (Designer Schiaparelli [????]: "elsa"). Additional features of this website include help with anagrams and cryptograms.
Word Lists for Crosswords
Here you will find many categorised word lists designed to help you solve crossword clues - e.g. Artists, Nautical Terms, Islands, Musical Instruments, etc. etc. Each list has been split into word-length order (3 to 15 letters) before being sorted alphabetically.

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