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Miscellaneous Trivia

Your guide to the best websites for sundry trivia and quizzes.

The Aha! Science Trivia Quiz
Questions taken from the shareware game Uncle Julius and the Anywhere Machine, a science-oriented graphical adventure. At each level, you are asked one question from each of eight areas of study: astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology, paleontology, physics, scientific biography and technology. You can try either the Java or non-Java version of the quiz.
Blank Institute of Technology Trivia Contest
Submit your answers to the Trivia Quiz, and those with the most correct answers will be inducted into the INTERNET TRIVIA HALL OF FAME.
CCP Enviro-Quiz
A cool Global Warming quiz from Cities for Climate Protection (CCP).
CAT Trivia Quiz
25 new multi-choice trivia questions weekly, on a wide range of subjects. The only certainty is that there will be a Bob Dylan question every quiz.
The Christmas Trivia Quiz
Make it Christmas all the year round. Play online or download free software to play on your PC.
Entertainment Weekly Showbiz Trivia Quiz
Show what you know with this entertaining trivia quiz.
Fairy Tale Trivia Quiz
Good family fun.
Filbert's Find The Missing Link Prize Quiz
Answer the quiz questions and then identify which answers have a common link.
Fun Trivia
The world's largest trivia site! Thousands of games, bulletin boards, etc.
Jeopardy Online
The popular TV program is now online, with Single Player and Multiplayer options. It's great fun!
A marvelous web site for trivia lovers, puzzle fanatics, and Jeopardy aficionados.
Pokemon Trivia
This Pokemon Trivia game is for Pokemon fans young or old. There are some easy Pokemon Trivia questions for the youngsters, amd harder Pokemon questions for older fans.
Free Quizzes and Trivia Fun.
Take 5 - Entertainment Trivia for the Short Attention Span
You've never played trivia like this before! It's fast, fun, free and contains thousands of unique, original questions in hundreds of unique, original categories. Focus is strongly on "modern" entertainment trivia. Play by yourself or with a friend!
The Trivia Page
A huge links list maintained by Ray Hamel. Very useful.
Trivial Pursuit
The official site of the best-selling board game.
TriviaPlaza Computer Quiz
A fine site with heaps of trivia questions to test your computer knowledge.
TriviaPlaza Science Quiz
A fine site with heaps of trivia questions to test your scientific knowledge.
The Ultimate Trivia Quiz
There are over 200 questions on this web site to amuse, perplex, absorb and even educate you.

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