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Movie Quizzes and Trivia

Your guide to the best web sites for movie trivia and quizzes.

Alfred Hitchcock Quiz
How carefully have you studied Alfred Hitchcock's work? Here are twenty questions to test your Hitchcock I.Q.
AWN Animation Trivia Quiz
How much do you really know about animation? Test your skills and challenge your brain with AWN's "Animation Trivia Quiz". Each question has five possible answers. Just click on the choices you think are correct.
Classic Movie Star Quiz
Listed for each question are the names of three movies. Pick which classic actor or actress appeared in all three films.
Cool Quiz! Movie Poster Quiz
Identify the movie advertised by the movie poster that is displayed.
Cool Quiz! Movie Quiz
Identify the movie from the plot line.
Featuring movie quotes, unique text and visual quizzes, contests and the infamous Invisibles!
Hitchcock Films Quiz
25 questions about the movies of this great director - one section of The Ultimate Trivia Quiz.
Judy Garland Trivia Quizzes and Games
Movie Settings, Leading Men, Memorables Lines... These are just a few of the entertaining trivia quizzes to test your Judy knowledge.
Mack's Classic Film Trivia
Test your wits against other classic film buffs. There's a new quiz every week.
Movie Magazine Trivia Contests
Trivia questions which have been asked recently on the radio show "Movie Magazine International".
Oh Joy! Movie Trivia Facts
A database of hard to find information on movies, actors, actresses and directors. hidden jokes, tidbits, nitpicks, puns, details, inside-jokes, cameos, behind the scenes info and many other weird, funny and interesting facts in movies.
Note: This site does NOT contain trivia questions.
The Quiz from Outer Space (E! Online)
Forget Independence Day - science-fiction movies have been shoving monsters, aliens and weird scenarios in our faces for half a century. How much do you know about big-screen sci-fi? Take this quiz and find out.
Reel Virgins (E! Online)
Almost every actor has a film debut he or she would rather forget. But, of course, we remember them all. The question is: Do you?
Spielberg Intelligence (E! Online)
Soldiers, Aliens and One Scary Fish: It's Time to Test Your Steven Savvy.
Star Wars: The Quiz (E! Online)
Sure, everyone knows a jawa from a wookie. But do you know what sitcom star played Major Derlin of the rebel army? Or whose Hero with a Thousand Faces inspired George Lucas' Star Wars trilogy? There's only one way to find out.
A Total Disaster (E! Online)
A building burns, a ship sinks, a plane loses altitude, the earth shakes... and the box office jumps. It's the disaster movie - a genre that peaked in the '70s, was satirized in the '80s and is back with a vengeance (mostly to take advantage of new special-effects technology). How much do you know about mega-blockbusters past and present? Now, you can find out.
TriviaPlaza Movie Quiz
A fine site with heaps of trivia questions to test your movie knowledge.

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