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Music Quizzes and Trivia

Your guide to the best websites for Music Trivia - Rock, Pop, Blues, Country, Gospel, Jazz, etc.

#1 Hits - The Rock and Roll Trivia Quiz
What do you know about the records and artists that made Number One on the Billboard charts?
Boy Band-o-Rama! (E! Online)
You've got two options: Go verbal and take the "Boys-R-Us" quiz, which covers current faves as well as old-schoolers like the New Kids and the Jackson 5; or go visual and play the wicked "Boy Toys" game, where you have to put all the right guy heads on all the right guy bands - quickly.
Chris Dee's World Famous Music Quiz
A good variety of music trivia questions, updated weekly.
Freddy and Steve's Music Trivia Quiz
This is the quiz for connoisseurs of fine popular music from Frank and Nancy to Skunk Anansie.
Johnny Cash Trivia Quiz
Ok, Cash fans ... here's your chance to find out if you're in the know, with 25 trivia questions.
Manic Medley
Listen to a terse medley of ten songs from the 80s and identify each song by title and artist. You can play a new Manic Medley every day.
One Globe Baby Boomer Song Trivia Challenge
Sounds of the 60s and 70s.
Rock 'n' Role (E! Online)
Take this fun quiz that looks at some notable acting failures - and occasional successes - involving your favorite musicians.
Questions from a fascinating book of Rock & Roll trivia called RockTopicon, by rock critics Dave Marsh, Sandra Choron, and Debbie Geller.
Teenage Wildlife Contests/Games
Quiz questions for Bowie fans.
Test Your Musical Knowledge Quiz
This quiz is different every time you take it.
That's Paul, Folks!
McCartney fans can test their wings on this all-Paul quiz at Eonline.
TriviaPlaza Classical Music Quiz
A fine site with heaps of trivia questions to test your knowledge of classical music.
TriviaPlaza Popular Music Quiz
A fine site with heaps of trivia questions to test your knowledge of popular music.
Zappa Trivia
10 frankly zapping questions. And if that's not enough, here's More Zappa Trivia

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