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Television Trivia

Your guide to the best web sites for TV trivia and quizzes.

Channel 3000 TV Quizzes
Daily quizzes from Channel 3000.
Charlie's Angels: The Quiz (E! Online)
Farrah's feathered 'do, those totally tubular tube tops. Hard to believe it's been 20 years since Aaron Spelling first brought the campy babe vehicle Charlie's Angels to the tube. Here's your chance to actually use some of the otherwise useless Angels knowledge stored securely in your head.
Days of Their Past Lives (E! Online)
Which Stars Have Soapy Skeletons in Their Closets? Test Your Suds Savvy.
Doctor Who Quiz
Who can answer these 94 questions? Can you?
D'Oh! The Quiz (E! Online)
From Luke Perry to Apu, test Your Simpsons savvy. How much do you remember about the pastel-colored clan? Take our quiz and find out the level of your obsession...
Fawlty Towers Trivia Quiz
Questions and answers based on the classic British comedy series for BBC TV starring John Cleese and Connie Booth.
Quiz Show Quiz (E! Online)
How better to salute the quiz show than with a quiz? Do you know what question Herb Stempel missed on Twenty-One to make Charles Van Doren a national hero? What was Dr. Joyce Brothers' area of expertise on The $64,000 Question? Who wrote the Jeopardy! theme song?
Try these teasers and find out. Get them all correct, and you'll get a nice pat on the back. Just don't expect to become a millionaire.
Simpsons Trivia Quiz
10 challenging questions.
The Simpsons Quiz
250 questions to answer, by Aldan Skidd and Adam Rennie.
To Be Continued... (E! Online)
Are you savvy to the season-ending nailbiters? Now's your chance to prove it with this TV cliffhanger challenge.
A Very Brady IQ Test (E! Online)
It's the dopey yet beloved '70s sitcom family famous for its sack races, scary Hawaii trips and Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. Think you're Brady-wise? Then test your knowledge of America's favorite merged family.

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