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Word Puzzles

The best web sites for acrostics, cryptograms, riddles, word searches and other word puzzles.

A Cryptograph combines a cryptogram and a portrait. Test your cryptographic skills with these daily puzzles.
Hoadworks Puzzles
HoadWorks publishes original and challenging word games and Wordly-Wise, a free word-game-a-day service via email. Online weekly contests include Uncommon, Trigram Twist and Synogolf. Over five years' of archives and two automated games servers on-site.
Merriam Webster Word Game of the Day
Play a new puzzle every day, or visit the puzzle archive to play games you missed during the past month. The word puzzles come in five formats: Definition Demolition, Flip Flop, Transform Brainstorm, Slang Slinger, Match Maker. Requires Java-enabled browser.
Diabolical acrostic puzzles for your abusement and annoyment, by Arthur Bloch.
National Puzzlers League
The world's oldest puzzlers' organization.
Word puzzles (mainly) and visual puzzles from the Puzzability team of Mike Shenk, Amy Goldstein and Robert Leighton - all former Games magazine associates.
Rainbow Charity Puzzles
A UK postal quiz consisting of entertaining set of 100 clues with a devious mix of cryptic and general knowledge. Entry is only £1, (but you can give more if you want to!) and there is a prize of £50 for the winner. All profits are donated to charity.
Today's Cryptogram and Contest
Free daily cryptograms, like the Crypto-Quote in newspapers. Measure your skills against other players on the net.
Weekend Edition Sunday Puzzle
Each week Will Shortz, the New York Times Crossword Puzzle editor, presents a word puzzle challenge for National Public Radio listeners. You will find the current puzzle here, as well as an archive of past puzzles and answers.
WordBall is a daily word game comprised of 5 separate word challenges. You can play WordBall recreationally (occasionally, just for fun) or competetively (play daily and compete against other players).
The Word Playground
The Word Playground is home to a diverse collection of online word games that you can play for free. These games are 100% original.

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