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All the best web sites for anagrams, limericks, nonsense, palindromes, puns and other verbal diversions.


Anagram Genius
The software, the book, amusing anagrams
Anagram Genius Server
Anagram solver - using Anagram Genius software
Andy's Anagram Solver
Anagram solver - very fast and impressive. Options for Dutch and French, as well as English.
I, Rearrangement Servant
Anagram solver - formerly known as Inert Grave Net Near Mars. Includes Anagram Hall of Fame, Fun Facts, etc.
Today's Ani-Gram
Animated anagrams of topical headlines. "All the news that twists to print!"


Palindromes Galore!
A great collection.
The Palindromist Magazine
A journal for people who write - and read - palindromes.


A large collection of puns, plus cartoons and much more.
The Pun Starts Here!
A moderate collection.
The Punster
A newsletter dedicated to PUNS and other WORDPLAY.


All brilliant constructions, decidedly entertaining ...
Ambrose Bierce's "The Devil's Dictionary"
Complete online text.
Atlantic Monthly Wordgame
Punny biweekly contest
Brain Candy
Some great & unusual collections: sarcastic insults by well known people, the dying words of famous people, stupid questions. Word play: malapropisms, funny definitions, occupational hazards, full-deckisms. Quotes, riddles, puns ... hours of fun stuff.
Dave Fisher's Limericks Page
There was a young fellow named Dave ...
Edward Lear Home Page
Remarkably comprehensive collection of the works of Edward Lear.
The Fix Express
The Fix Express serves up a random quote, a smile, a trivia, a vocabulary word and a "this day in history" item from its vast database for every hit/reload/visit.
Jed Hartman's "Words & Stuff"
A very entertaining weekly column.
Jesse's Word of the Day
Learn the origin and meaning of a new word every day from a senior reference editor at Random House. At Jesse's Word of the Day, language expert Jesse Sheidlower offers witty and informative answers to the most interesting real-life language questions posed by visitors to his site.
Judi Wolinsky's Word Play Links
Lots of wordplay links.
Richard Lederer's Verbivore Page
A web site for wordaholics, logolepts and verbivores.
Word Detective
Online version of a newspaper column answering readers' questions about words and language.
Word Fugitives
In this Atlantic Monthly interactive online feature, you are invited to help grammar guru Barbara Wallraff track down "America's 10 Most Wanted Words". These words may or may not exist. All that's known for sure is that someone is seeking them.
Wordsmith.org is a worldwide online community of some half-million readers who share a love for words, wordplay, language, and literature. They hail from Australia to Zimbabwe and almost all other places in between.

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