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Awful Authors - Literary Puns

A rather childish and thoroughly enjoyable form of punning with book titles and author names.

The Music of Bach
by Aaron G. String

by Abel Lever

Big White Bird
by Albert Ross

by Anna Poloji

The Solitary Beast
by Annie Malone

The Singer
by Barry Tone

The Blessing
by Benny Dixon

The Tightrope Walker
by Betty Falls

Urban Areas
by Bill Tupp

My Life as a Cowboy
by Brandon Steers

English Breakfast
by Chris P. Bacon and Ann Negg

That's Life
by Cilla Vee

The Lion-Tamer
by Claud Face

The Poker Player
by Delia Cards

Prehistoric Reptiles
by Dinah Soar and Terry Dactyl

The Building
by Eddy Fiss

Ships in Harbor
by Dr. Longside

The Open Window
by Eileen Doubt

The Visitor
by Enoch Zatador

The Broken Window
by Eva Brick

The End Of The Week
by Gladys Friday

Under Arrest
by Hank Uft

Make Your Home Secure
by Havelock Smith

The Tudor Banquet
by Henrietta Knox

Lady Godiva
by Honor Whitesteed

Frankenstein Meets Dracula
by Horace Tory

King Kong
by Hugh Jape

I'll Follow
by Hugo First

by Ira Member

by Isadora Jarr

Singing In The Rain
by Ivor MacIntosh

The Pony Club Show
by Jim Carner

The Commuter
by Jocelyn Train

Make 'em Laugh
by Joe King

At The Eleventh Hour
by Justin Time

Fried Chicken
by Ken Tucky

by Lena Boddy

The Paint Ingredient
by Linsey Doyle

Keeping The Peace
by Lorne Order

Down South
by Louise Yanner

Painting Walls
by Matt Coats

Quoting Hamlet
by Maureen Soroth, Annie Nanga

How To Have Fun
by Meryl Lee

Spoil The Child
by Molly Coddle

The Gardener
by Moses Lawn

The Void
by M. T. Ness

Journey Across The Desert
by Mustapha Kamel

On Bended Knee
by Neil Down

Less Than A Quarter
by Nicola Dime

Dog's Dinner
by Nora Bone

by Norman D. Landing

The Unexpected
by Oliver Sudden

by Omar Darling

Primitive Transport
by Orson Cart

The Debtor
by Owen Munny

The Funeral
by Paul Bearer

Don't Give Up
by Percy Vere

Two Yankees in Mexico
by Peregrine Gose

A Visit To The Dentist
by Phil McAvity

The Cavalryman
by Rhoda Norse

The Bouncing Bullet
by Rick O'Shay

Crime Does Pay
by Robin Banks

Continental Breakfast
by Roland Coffy

Take Stock
by Russell Steers

Cereal Story
by Ryan Dotes

The Excursion
by Sally Forth

Temper the Wind
by Sean Lamb

The Female Ghost
by Sheila Peer

A Star Is Barred
by Sherlock Tout

That Can't Be Right
by Shirley Nott

Where's My Hat?
by Sonia Head

How To Be Noticed
by Stan Dout

by Theresa Green

by Trudy Light

You're a Big Boy Now
by Tyrone Laces

Rocks Ahead
by Vera Way

Triumphal Procession
by Victor E. March

Fitted Carpets
by Walter Wall

All My Travels
by Wanda Lust

by Warren Peace

The Man On The Ledge
by Willy Jump

by Bowen Arrow

The Decline of Civilization
by Helena Handcart

The Trojan War
by Helena Troy

The Sword in History
by Ray Pierre

Going Ape
by Bab Boone

by Belle Ringer

Exercise for Pleasure
by Charlie Haws

What's For Breakfast?
by Hammond Eggs

American Patriotic Songs
by Homer D. Brave

Don't Ask Me
by Howard I. Know

What's Up Doc?
by Howie Dewin

by I. C. Hugh

How I Got Rich
by Jack Potts

Arithmetic Simplified
by Lois Carmen DeNominata

Will He Or Won't He?
by Mae B. Sew

The Big Parade
by Marsha Long

Is It Love?
by Midas Wellbee

Morning Call
by R. U. Upjohn

A Plumber Is Needed
by Rufus Leaking

by Running Bear

Round The Mountain
by Sheila B. Cummin

How To Apologize
by Thayer Thorry

The Accused
by Watts E. Dunn

Button Collecting
by Zipporah Broakin

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