Palindrome Parade : N

Palindromes: words, phrases or sentences that read the same backward as forward.

Nail a tin Italian.

Name is Orton, not Rosie, Man!

Name no-one man.

Name now one man.

Name tarts? No, medieval slave, I demonstrate Man!

Naomi, did I moan?

Nate bit a Tibetan.

Ned, go gag Ogden.

Ned, I am a maiden.

Nella, demand a lad named Allen.

Nella risks all: "I will ask Sir Allen."

Nella's simple hymn: "I attain my help, Miss Allen."

Nella won't set a test now, Allen.

Nemo, we revere women.

Net forever, often!

Never a foot too far, even.

Never odd or even.

Niagara, O roar again!

Nina Ricci ran in.

Nino's cut did Tucson in!

No benison, no sin, Ebon.

"No cab, eh, Ted?" I sat up. I put aside the bacon.

No devil lived on.

No Dot nor Ottawa "legal age" law at Toronto, Don.

Noel, did I not rub Burton? I did, Leon.

Noel, let's egg Estelle on.

Noel sees Leon.

No evils Shahs live on.

No garden, one dragon.

No, Hal, I led Delilah on.

No ham came, sir, now siege is won. Rise, MacMahon.

No, I save on final perusal, a sure plan if no evasion.

No, is Ivy's order a red rosy vision?

No, it can assess an action.

No, it is open on one position.

No, it is opposed; Art sees Trade's opposition.

No, it is opposition.

No, it never propagates if I set a gap or prevention.

No, it's a bar of gold, a bad log for a bastion.

No lemons, no melon.

No, Mel Gibson is a casino's big lemon.

No miss, it is Simon.

No Misses ordered roses, Simon.

No mists or frost, Simon.

Nomists reign at Tangier, St. Simon.

Nora, alert, saws goldenrod-adorned logs. Wastrel Aaron!

"Nora, a raft!" "Is it far, Aaron?"

Norah's foes order red rose of Sharon.

"Norah's moods," Naomi moans, "doom Sharon."

Noriega can idle, held in a cage - iron!

Nor I, fool, ah no! We won halo - of iron.

Nor I nor Emma had level'd a hammer on iron.

Norma is as selfless as I am, Ron.

No, set a maple here; help a mate, son.

No, slang is a signal, son.

"Not for Cecil?" asks Alice Crofton.

Not I, no hotel; cycle to Honiton.

"Not New York," Roy went on.

Not nil, Clinton.

Not seven on a mere man - one vest on.

Not so, Boston.

No waste, grab a bar, get saw on.

"Now dine," said I as Enid won.

Now do I repay a period won.

Now ere we nine were held idle here, we nine were won.

Now, Eve, we're here, we've won.

Nowise I bury rubies I won.

Now, Ned, I am a maiden nun; Ned, I am a maiden won.

No word, no bond; row on.

Now saw ye no mosses or foam, or aroma of roses. So money was won.

Now, sir, a war is won.

Now I see, referees, I won.

No "x" in "Mr. R. M. Nixon"?

No yarn in rayon?

Nurse, save rare vases, run!

Nurse, I spy gypsies, run!

Nurse's onset abates, noses run.

"Nurses, run!" says sick Cissy as nurses run.

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