Palindrome Parade : P

Palindromes: words, phrases or sentences that read the same backward as forward.

Paget saw an Irish tooth, sir, in a waste gap.

Paget saw a wasp in a waste gap.

Panic in a Titanic? I nap.

Part of U.S. is UFO trap.

Party boobytrap.

Pa's a sap.

Pa stole macadamia nut, tuna. I'm Ada, Camelot sap.

Pat and Edna tap.

Peel's lager on red rum did murder no regal sleep.

Pets never even step.

Plan no damn Madonna LP.

Pooh, roll a ball or hoop.

"Pooh," smiles Eva, "have Selim's hoop."

Poor Dan is in a droop.

Pull a bat! I held a ladle, hit a ball up.

Pull up, Eva, we're here; wave, pull up.

Pull up if I pull up.

Pupils roll a ball or slip up.

Pupils slip up.

Pusillanimity obsesses Boy Tim in "All Is Up".

Puss, a legacy! Rat in a snug, unsanitary cage, lass, up!

Put Eliot's toilet up.

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