Palindrome Parade : W

Palindromes: words, phrases or sentences that read the same backward as forward.

War-distended nets I draw.

Ward nurses run draw.

Warsaw was raw.

Was it a car or a cat I saw?

Was it a rat I saw?

Was it Eliot's toilet I saw?

Was it felt? I had a hit left, I saw.

Was raw tap ale not a reviver at one lap at Warsaw?

We freer few.

We'll let Mom tell Lew.

We name opera, rare poem, anew.

We panic in a pew.

We seven, Eve, sew.

We, so to get a mate, go to sew.

Wonders in Italy: Latin is "red" now.

Won race, so loth to lose car now.

Won't I repaper? Repaper it now.

Won't lovers revolt now?

Wonton on salad? Alas, no, not now!

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